Kirti Mandir, Vadadora - heritage structure and legacy of the Gaikwad dynasty awaiting renovation

MS University of Baroda, a heritage institution designed by British architect Robert Chisholm

Mukthamal chatram, Orathanad and its link with ''Harikatha'' artform!! - brief note

Is Harikatha -musical story-telling art form on the decline?

The Nyay Mandir, Vadadora designed by Robert Chisholm - to be conserved soon!

'Vazhiyambalams,' way-side rest houses of Kerala are slowly crumbling!!

“Kal madams” (wayside inns) of Wanad rulers (Kerala) may be gone soon due to official apathy

Mukthamal Chatram, Orathanad, TN built by Maratha king Sefoji in honor of his wife - needs urgent conservation

''Chatrams'' - road side inns built by the Thanjavur Maratha rulers are crumbling fast

Mumbai Customs House - designed by architect George Wittet

The prince of Wales Museum (CSMVS), MumbaI - modeled after Gol Gumbaz, KA

Gateway of India, Mumbai where Scottish architect George Wittet left his imprint!