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Colonial All Saints’ Cathedral (1851), Nagpur, India

All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH.Justdial.com

All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH.Justdial.com

The city of Nagpur,  in the Vidarbha region  of Maharashtra  is home to many old churches built during the  early colonial period under the East India company's rule.  Though many of the European missionaries landed in India with a view to  spreading the Gospel of Love as propounded by Christ, a preponderance of them like Stephen Hislop, founder of Hislop college, Nagpur, Fred Schwartz of Thanjavur- Tiruchi of  Tamil Nadu  and a host of other missionaries  focused  more on western education and making it available to the people of  all communities including those from  the lower strata of the society. More than 1200 to 1600 years ago  the Indians were quite  well versed in the areas like  maths, astrology, astronomy, architecture, medicine etc. However, the system of western education was knew to them. The Scottish man who was instrumental in the spread of western education in the Vidharbha area was Stephen Hislop, a young missionary.

Nagpur, Maharashtra, location map.maps of India.com

Entrance.. All Saints’ Cathedral,Nagpur,MH.destimap.com

All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH. inspirock.com

All Saints’ Cathedral of Nagpur founded by Col. Elliot in 1851 was designed by John Harley Maxwell  (1822-1892), a  native of Glen cairn, Scotland. He was with Bengal Engineers and  worked in many places across India like Punjab, Gwalior. Using the church of England as  a model, he followed the Victorian style of architecture for this church.    

Interior. All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH destimap.com

All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH, tripadvisor,com

All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur, MH, tripadvisor,com

Standing across the VCA stadium, the church forms an important land mark with its unique English style of design in this part of the city.. As there was a growing demand for additional churches in this part,   some churches came up late to meet the demand.   The church has  impressively  designed stained glass paintings depicting .angels. Chandeliers, furniture and church bell - all of them were  imported from  Britain. One of the rooms in the premises has lots of information on the military history of the  English company, visitors to EIC etc. 




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