Genocide of Santhal tribes of India and the British hunchmen - British India

Fourth largest Jacob Diamond of Indian origin with no curses

Toppling of Indian kingdoms and making sucker out of Indian rulers - the British way -

Indian Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 not based on one factor - greased rifle cartridges - British India

Warren Hastings and the man who saved his life -- British India

The large fine quality Taj-I-Mah diamond of Indian origin, now in the Royal Iranian collection.

380 to 414 AD old Chatrapati Manik Ruby once worn by king Vikramadiya of Ujjain, India.

Infamous largest Timur Ruby of Indian origin !! - in the British Crown

Judge William Jones made Sanskrit popular among European scholars - colonial India

'Black Hole' incident (1756), Calcutta and eye witness John Holwell