Saturday, 21 July 2018

Quotes for life -15
01. ''A blatant, whooping lie is good enough to cause one hundred agonizing and harrowing miseries'
 02. ''It is to be borne in mind the people who, more often than not, swear are the ones you must watch out, for they are not trust-worthy; the more they swear, the less they are desirable''.
03.''When it comes to decision-making, don't let your mind veer like the weather cock; be firm and use discretion properly''.
04. ''Man is pushed to great height neither by  charity nor by valor and triumph, but only by period of trials and tribulation''.
05. ''Instead of sharpening your wagging tongue, learn the art of sharpening your ear ; more listening and less talking will keep you out of miseries''.
06. ''Every one is a bore to some one. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being  a bore to oneself''...........Gerald Brenan

07. ''Bore - a person who talks than when you wish him to listen''.
                                               ................     Ambrose Bierce

08. ''Unfortunately, fate has it that saintly people  have to undergo distress and pain and that is the edit of God;  to them, even the 'devil' takes liberty and gives Sermon on the Mount''.

09.''In this wide world you can not get a good guide to teach the nuances of life. You have to learn it by yourself. None is a better  guide to you than you yourself''.