Sunday, 18 March 2018

Funny quotes, humor, etc - 48

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Quotes Of The Day
"Among the human parts, it is the most exciting one with which we express our emotions. Hence, it is god's wonderful creation which is more beneficial to women than men. For the politicians, it is a the most remarkable weapon with which they can give spell-binding stump speeches of lies and half lies. The irony is the tongue may win you laurels and also brickbats, depending on how you use it. Indian saints say, "A tongue on leash will save many a heartburn". So we need to use it carefully".

"Almost everybody is prone to flattery, the temporary sense of elation will make the person ecstatic. Both politicians and women love it very much. The former may use it to fool others to gain something. The latter fall for it only to be fooled. Well- spirited men and women will never give room to flattery. Flattery is fake and lacks truth".


"Rumor, if the time is right it will spread faster than Summer Bush fire and Dandelions. Conjectures, surmises and exaggerations below it hard  and spread it far and wide. In woman's social clubs and associations, it has the nasty habit of working overtime". 

Beauty and vanity:
"Widely noticed among the women folks, both are transient and will wilt under ageing.  Soon it will disappear like a morning dew.  Do not be a slave to them and and spoil your god-given natural beaut

Political corruption India
2ndlook -
"No government office across the world is free from this evil. It is  a gift given with reservation  and curses in silence. It does not give the corrupt man not even one hundredth of joy that a hard working man get by earning his bread  the hard way".

 Empty coffers:
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Hindustan Times
"A coffer becomes empty one day if one's hoard  becomes big and charity becomes small. From political perspective,  the government coffer becomes empty if corrupt and dishonest bureaucrats lay their hands on government funds and siphon out them for their personal gains". A coffer that is full almost to the brim is healthy for the government and also for the family for future needs".

Happy  man:

"He is the one who gets up in the early morning without getting annoyed by creditors or loan sharks. He does not poke his nose into others' business and look for something to chew and work on it. Nor does he have loft ideals far beyond his capacity to reach the sky-high goals. He takes every step carefully and be content with things that give him lasting happiness and peace of mind".  

Lustful eyes:

Caroline in the City
 They never fail to haunt the weak-minded men, Blinded by reasoning, men with lustful eyes lack shame, pride and discretionary power. If unchecked, it will push them into the elephant pit. At stake will be their honor and dignity. 

Women's gathering:
"It is always colorful, noisy, vibrant and never loses its aura and excitement. The electrifying ambiance is never free from social gossips, accusations and  jealousy. Some times snobbery and pretensions take precedence over other equally bad traits".

Penguin Books
"It is a double-edged dagger and has positive as well as negative sides. If not controlled, it is like a wild elephant in "musth" and may run amuck. It causes damages to others and to the person himself. If controlled and disciplined it will take the man to the higher levels. Many inventions were the result of controlled imaginative power".