Thursday, 8 March 2018

Funny quotes and humor - 47

Disciplined mind:

"When well cultivated and practiced, disciplined mind will take a man uphill  and help him reach higher goals in life.  It is a well-focused mind and will carefully eliminate the negative factors and accentuate the positive elements in dealing with tough things in life. The advantage is you develop a balanced approach to any given situation or problem".


"It is a courageous act of calculated risk and adventure,  making way where there in none before, instead of choosing the known path. This is the reason why trail-blazers stand apart and make a niche for themselves in this mysterious world. They are not content with being different, but try to be better". 


Maverick way of threatening boss.
Maverick way of reducing body weight.
"He is  the one who does not stick to the age old convention and tries to do something  easily visible. In order to do it, he  pushes the limits to discover something unique. Unfortunately, he is a highly criticized and commented  person in this society. Unlike others who do the same thing over and over, a maverick does something altogether different; hence, he stands aloof, be proud of listening to what his mind says".
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 Desires and miseries: 
Is over materialistic a source of misery? Huffington Post
"Both are, to some extent, controllable. When our desires go sky-high, it is likely, the consequent miseries may push us deep down to the abyss. The root of all miseries is unfulfilled desire by not putting in enough hard work to achieve it.  Both desire and misery stand together. When desire is in, so is misery. To lead a peaceful life, we have to limit our desires to avoid consequent miseries".

"Superstition is not based on scientific fact and along with myth it is overshadowed by rationality and humanity. Invariably fear is the main cause of superstition and if it is not overcome, progress can not be made by a society. The worst forms of superstition are witchcraft and animal sacrifice".
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Bare words:
"Bare words are hollow, coming out of a man of poor disposition. They come handy for the politicians  when they go on a campaign trail and  are being carefully used by the political leadership to make a sucker out of the gullible electorate".
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Birds of same feather:
"No example is more befitting than our politicians who always do things in collusion with other party members. They are partners in corruption, nepotism, illegal gratification, stashing money in foreign banks, etc., both at central and state levels. To the innocent public  they may appear at variance and not united on the dais, but behind the curtain, they are all buddies in wheeling and dealings and never fail to flock together"  

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Savage Chickens

- Randy Glasbergen - Glasbergen Cartoon Service
"It  is the only trait that separates the humans from the animals. Nothing is so irresistibly contagious  as  laughter is. Blessed is a man who is endowed with a good laugh  and long good night sleep. When feigned, laughter exposes man's dark and ugly mind"

A day without laughter means, it is drab and dry and it is not well-spent.