Sunday, 26 March 2017

Who am I? Funny quotes and humor - 38

The media people don't respect  me  for the following reasons:

01. My positive point is I give nice speeches to whip up the emotions of the gullible people in the audience. ------- Media people say my speeches are trash.
02. I enjoy receiving titles, awards and attending special meeting where famous people shower praise on me. ------- Media people accuse me of  encouraging self-adulation.

03. My full-time job is "service to people" because service to people is service to God. ---------- Media people accuse me of being over- zealous.

04. I do no care a fig if  either the people or the media make  carping  comments on me. -------- Media people think that I don't have any sense of shame.
05. I have neither gratitude nor integrity when it comes to moving up the ladder in my chosen professional field. -------- Media people point out that I am selfish, unscrupulous and an opportunist. I disagree with them.

06. I don't go after money. Nor do I get commission to get the  job done. --------- Media reporters say I encourage corrupt practises and I have no clean hands.
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07. I am neither afraid of court cases nor scared of highly hyped 
scams. That I have wheeling and dealing with the goondas, hitmen, ruffians, etc is not true. --------- Media reporters say it is a big joke!!

08. I care about my family, my wife and children. I neither have concubines nor second wife. Media reporters say it is not true.

09. I often tell the people that my hoard is small, but my heart is big. Media people say it is a whooping lie!!

10. When it comes to true ideology, I am like a Jackrabbit, will keep changing it like a weather cock.

Can you make a guess who I am?

Yes, I am an Indian politician, ever at the beck and call of my electorate, ready to serve them well till  I hit the grave.