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Lal Bagh palace of Indore

Lal Bagh palace,Indore
Lal Bagh palace,Indore
Lal Bagh palace, is one of the most spectacular buildings in Indore and is situated on  the outskirts of the town on the banks of river Khan. Palace was built by the local ruler Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar. The construction of the palace that began in 1886 under Tukoji Rao Holkar II was  carried out in three phases and the final phase was completed in 1921 under Tukoji Rao Holkar II  of the Holker royal  family of Indore. Indore State was a 19 Gun Salute (21 locally) princely state (a rare high rank) ruled by the Maratha Holkar dynasty, until they acceded to the Union of India after independence.
al Bagh palace, garden 28 acres spread,
Set in a beautiful  surrounding, the palace represents  the life style and taste of the royal family and this palace was built for the purpose of meeting people, important  personalities of the Kingdom. Lal Bagh Palace once hosted many royal receptions, in particular for the British rulers. The  palace saw through  the reigns of three princes in succession. First  it was Maharajah Tukoji Rao (1844 to 1886),  second ruler  was Maharajah Shivaji Rao (1886 to 1903), the third ruler being Maharajah Tukoji Rao II(1903 to 1926). Though  Tukoji Rao abdicated in 1926, he stayed there  till his death in 1978.
Darbar hall, Lal Bagh, Indore
Entrance gates modeled after Buckinham palace, London, Lal Bagh palace,Indore.
Entrance gates modeled after Buckinham palace, London, Lal Bagh palace,Indore.
Because of its unique style of construction the stylish  palace attracts lots of tourists. It is built on a site covering an area of 28 acres. The magnificent entrance gates of the palace are based on the model of the  Buckingham palace, London. The cast iron gates carrying the emblem of the Royal Holker family were made in London and shipped to Indore. The unique features of this  palace  are spring-mounted floor in the ballroom for extra bounce, Italian marble columns, impressive  chandeliers, Belgian stained glass windows, Persian carpets  and  stuffed  tigers  and these enhance  the splendor of the palace.
Lal Bagh Palace interior, Indore
The palace is a three-story building  and the ground floor entrance hall is made of Italian marble. The  first floor has  a huge collection of coins minted during the Muslim period. The building, rooms, etc  are heavily embellished in European  style - a blend of Renaissance, Palladian and Baroque architecture. It reflects on the highly westernized taste of the Holker family and their sensitivity to the aesthetic values. The bed rooms of the royal family  are rich in glass and Sheesham wood. The  The palace  kitchen is on  the other side bank of the river near Gopal Bagh and is accessed through  a well-lit  underground tunnel.  There are many sacred shrines present in the palace.