Saturday, 23 April 2016

Funny quotes 16

Shrinking stomach:

Indian public getting crumps.

 "The Indian politicians  have pride and  

presumption in their achievements:  They make  

millions of empty stomachs shrink further to make  

them fat".
Indian crafty politician before getting people's vote (top). After elected to office (bottom).

 The art of being hospitable:

Poor starving folks!!

"Hospitality is a virtue and ought to be followed 

sincerely by the people. Inviting your friends with a 

languid yawn and a look of a disguised boredom is a 

disgusting behavior."
Angry guests!!

 Be calm and composed:
missiles flying while in
Indian wife and broom.
A devil in the office called boss.

 "During the heated arguments, when tempers flare 

up,  triggering  yelling and other stuff,  ignore  the 

cuss words,  just like the way you automatically 

duck your head when your better half, in rage, is 

hurling things at you".
the powerful and the powerless.

Royal maturity:

The picture is from a 1930s cartoon. A guest at a posh dinner has lit his cigar before The Royal Toast. The cartoon was by H.M. Bateman,
1812 Merry Making on the Regent's Birthday. George Cruikshank cartoon showing George, the
 " If the European royal members behave like other 

normal, common folks, it means, they are immature; 

they attain  maturity  only when there is some kind 

of irreverence for them among the people and the 

royals' odd behavior shows signs of  eccentricity, 

bordering on arrogance and lunacy".
Royal politics & parliament.learning the art of being a royal!!