Monday, 4 April 2016

Funny quotes 14


Bitter half.

"Thank you buddies  for the first anniversary 
wedding  gifts. Please don't bother me by asking
the same question: How is your married life?  My 
answer is  as simple as an apple pie. I am leading a 
bitter life with my bitter-half in a bitter year."

     ....... a message on the wall of an IT professional in his office in Bangalore.

Code od silence:

Omerta .
 "There is a nice way to keep away from trouble if 
you happen to work in the midst of badmouths, 
gossip mongers and intemperate and yelling bosses. 
Practice "omerta"- the code of silence of Sicilian 
mafiosi. If you make this practice perfect, you will 
never land in trouble."


 Wrong tagging:

Communist party of India.

 "If I lean toward this side, I am branded as a leftist 
(left communist party of India). If I support the 
other side. I am  tagged   as  a rightist (right 
communist party of India). If I tell them I am as 
straight as an arrow, the media people mistake me 
that  previously I was bisexual"

..........  lament of an Indian Communist party leader

CPI(M) Kerala crisis.
Beauty queen:
"The competing bewitching beauties  at a beauty 
contest are creatures of artifice. As for transvestites, 
they are nothing but creatures of insanity."       

    ............ a grandma telling another grandma