Sunday, 21 February 2016

Quotes for Life

Newly ventured in to a different 

heading  under "My Random Thoughts" 

are my  strange blabbering that may 

reflect a shade of musing, introspection 

or even brooding. Unless  and 

otherwise author's name is mentioned 

below,  they are mostly my  notes that come under Funny quotes and Quotes for life.                                           .....K. N. J.

Education without perception, hard work without purpose, and execution without planning will seldom  give the desired results.
Man's character and integrity are shaped through trials and tribulations, not by education or  scholarship – the more educated one is, the more haughty and arrogant one will be.

People without remorse especially your own relatives  are  far worse than a wild beast, nay a skunk; not be content with a stone heart and poker face they derive immense pleasure by finding fault with others and hurting them to  their heart's content.  To them in  the evening of their lives, the hell-hole is not far-off.  

Cheating spree may go on unchecked as long as time and tide favor them; one day, when down on luck the cheat will be caught red-handed.
When uncontrolled, irrational behavior of irresponsible and arrogant men is full to the brim, reasoning and rationality will take  a back seat.