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First Muslim invasion to Tamil Nadu from Delhi - Malik Kafur

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 In South India after the decline of the Chola kings (roughly 950 AD to 1200 AD), the rulers of Pandya kingdom gained prominence, and during their hey day, there were overall developments of the Pandya Nadu and the Pandya dynasty became a major force to reckon with. In those  days infightings over the throne  among the ruling members were common and somehow they managed to settle  the issues amicably among themselves not allowing them to become a serious matter. If there is third party intervention to settle the disputes, as we all know, there will be room for confusion and  that will spell doom This is what had happened to the Pandya rulers. of South India centuries ago.

 It was the enmity and dispute over the throne of Madurai Kingdom among the royal family members that brought to Pandya kingdom(now part of Tamil Nadu) the notorious looter and temple demolisher  Malik Kafur, an eunuch slave and Muslim 
convert from Delhi. He was an important military commander of Allauddin Khiliji, the most treacherous Muslim ruler then. 

Malik Kafur,  a homosexual & slave. bytwodesign.com. 

Had the revengeful Sundara Pandyan not called Kafur for help,  Madurai kingdom would not have lost so much wealth and lives and the famous temple would have been saved from ravages of invading army of criminals.

The Royal family of Madurai kingdom was going through a tough time because Maharajah Maravarman Kulasekhara Pandyan (1268 - 1310) made Jatavarman Veera Pandyan, his son born out of wedlock the legal heir to the throne contrary to the tradition. It caused a bitter rivalry between sons of the King over the control of Madurai kingdom. Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan,  son of Raja's  legal wife (Rani) killed his father king in a rage and declared war against Veera Pandyan. Outraged chieftains of the kingdom supported Veera Pandyan and in the ensuing civil war Sundra Pandyan, was defeated and driven out of the kingdom. Vowed to get the throne  back, Sundara Pandyan sought the help of  Delhi Sultan  Ala-ud-din Khilji. At that time Sultan's military general Malik Kafur  had been on a plundering raid in Devagiri in Andhra. Upon instruction from the Delhi SultanateKafur's army marched into Tamil Nadu in 1311 and all  along the way went on a rampage, looting, killing, terrorizing, people, etc In Madurai, the army destroyed all most a vast  part of the now famous Meenakshi temple. At last Kafur left for Delhi,  carrying an immense treasure on 312 elephants, 20,000 horses and 10 crore gold coins. Can you imagine the size of loot and its value on today's market? It will give a spin in your head.

Many historian are of the opinion that Malik Kafur had no intention of invading  further south of what is now Tamil Nadu and the internal dispute among the rulers of Madurai and the foolish request of help from a notorious Delhi ruler was directly responsiblefor the first invasion of Delhi Muslim rulers to Tamil country. He set the stage for the consequent arrival of the Madurai Sultanate.



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