This year Onam festival in Kerala lost its glitter because of Covid-19 pandemic!!

Shahi Fort (14th century), Jaunpur, UP, an interesting monument

Historical 14th century Atala Mosque, Jaunpur, UP and its link with the Hindu temple !!

Emerald idol of God Shiva and failed burglary - Sri Mangalanathaswamy temple,TN

Uthirakosamangai temple, Ramanathapuram, TN - famous for emerald Nataraja idol

Vidyarambham - initiation into the world of letters - an essential Hindu ritual popular in Kerala

The abolition of distressing Sati (widow burning) in early Indian history

Earthen lamp cottage indutry in Tamil Nadu is facing slump!

Oil lamps - an essential part of Hinduism

Thiruvathirakali, age old folk dance of Kerala needs to be revived

Famous Civil servant and first Indian Chief judge of Chief Court of Mysore, Thumboo Chetty - no memorial for him in Tamil Nadu !!