Dutch army man John Hessing and the Red Taj, Agra

Last year this month Indian jewelry owned by the Indian rulers fetched the highest amount USD 109 plus million

500 year old Hindu temple submerged in the Mahanadi, Odisha was recently found

A New Gallery on Mysore Rockets invented by Tipu Sultan opened in Shivamogga, Karnataka

Historical Gulburga fort, Karnataka - seat of power of Bahamani Sultanate

Bidar Fort, Karnataka, a splendid structure steeped in history that followed better water management system

Fascinating Junagarh Fort of Bikaner, Rajasthan - 02

Fascinating Junagarh Fort of Bikaner, Rajasthan - 01

Asia's first ''Lion Brand Beer'' produced by Dyer and Co, Kasauli, British India

Kerala's Catholic groups and their land-grabbing spree - it will impact the environment - 03