Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Funny quotes & humor, etc - 62

Gateway to hell chamber:
Reader's Digest
The earth has  now become very much crowded in the past two decades,  so are the heaven and hell. The hell is  over crowded, part of the reason is there are ever so many sinners  associated with places of religious worship in India. Without scruples, they misused the holy place,  their power and position and stole objects of divinity. Now there are more  lines leading to different punishment chambers. ''Glad, Hell does not discriminate sinners based on religion''.
Hellish punishment:
One  priest from India was telling a Baptist minister that there is a new punishment camp coming up soon in Hell under Fr. Brian  exclusively  for politicians who excessively fooled various  religious heads and lied to the electorate to get elected to the parliament.  It is a special inferno chamber to take the heat out of them;  the oddity is the punishment is given in snatches!!''
Unavoidable earthly attachment:

''Even in the upper world, our earthly cravings and attachment keep following us like our shadow and   never leave us behind to enjoy a quiet and blissful life.''
To get clobbered by wife:
''Hearing harsh words and obscenity from intemperate yelling wife is more painful and horrible than washing your hands in a pond full of invisible piranhas!!'' - the lament of a drunk husband.
Politicians and freebies: 
Freebies for votes. everyday-india.blogspot.com/

Offering freebies by politicians to prospective voters  to get their vote has already set a bad  example. They are quite inseparable like pimp and hookers. The dictum ''Vote for the man who promises least; he will be least disappointing (Bernard Baruch)'' has to be well understood  by the electorate in India.    

Corruption - a contagion:
Chattisgarh state has  many candidates who  had crinal records. blog.neta.co.in

''Power does not corrupt, but fear corrupts. Perhaps, the fear of loss of power. Corruption in government offices is a contagious disease as bad as novel corona. The vaccine is transparency''.