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Lal Darwaza (Ruby Gate) Mosque, Jaunpur, UP - an attractive Muslim monument

Lal Darwaza (Ruby Gate) Mosque, Jaunpur,
Lal Darwaza (Ruby Gate) Mosque, Jaunpur, UP
The city of Jaunpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its beautiful mosques  of great antiquity,  fine architecture and design that date back to  several centuries.  The city of Jaunpur has many tourist attractions. Among the interesting sites is  Lal Darwaza Masjid. 
Also called Ruby Gate or red Gate  mosque, it was built in 1447 by Queen Rajye Bibi and dedicated to Sayyid Ali Dawood Kutubbudin a saint. It is in the  palace of Bibi Raji, who was the Queen of Sultan Mahmood Sharqi, a ruler of the Sharqi Dynasty. The Lal Darwaza Masjid, Jaunpur was formed to serve as a private mosque for the Queen.  It is in the suburb called  Mohalla Laldarwza or Begum Ganj.
lal Darwaza Masjid (Red gate mosque ), Jaunpur,
Bibi Raji, being a pious woman,  established a religious school (Madrasa) in the area  around the Lal Darwaza in Jaunpur for all the local Muslim residents and  was named Jamia Hussainia. It is still functioning.
UP: lal Darwaza Masjid (Red gate mosque), Jaunpur,
The mosque was dedicated to Maulana Sayyid Ali Dawood Kutubbudin, a  well-known saint (Maulana) of Jaunpur, and, it is said, his descendants still live in the Mohalla Bazaar Bhua Pandariba Jaunpur and Mohalla Namaz Gah laldarwaza. The latter was named by Bibi Rajye, who also built  here a monastery and a College. It is mentioned a school for  women  education was founded  far way back in  845/1441 at Jaunpur by Queen Bibi Rajye and it shows her keen  desire  in women's education and their progress in society.
Lal Darwaza (Ruby Gate) Mosque  has its origin in the  vermilion-painted lofty gateway of Bibi Rajye’s royal palace, that is near-by. Among the three gates, 
the eastern one - main gate way is the largest and most important. This mosque  could be dated back to  those of  Jama and the Atala Mosques.  Despite its simple architecture,  this  unique Mosque is made of stones  nicely blended with  bricks as well. The mosque  has distinct interior as well as exterior.,_Jaunpur