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If Mahatma Gandhi were alive .......

Mahatma Gandhiji's quote.
Indian nethas (politicians)
''To me God is truth and love, God is ethics and morality, God is fearlessness''. .....................Mahatma Gandhi

The birth of Gandhiji (Gandhi Jayanthi)  is `celebrated on the 2nd of October  every year across  India with Indian leaders of various parties garlanding the Gandhiji’s statues in their respective places. The same ritual is repeated when his death anniversary is observed on the 30 th of January every year.  For the past several decades, our nethas  have  never failed to observe both Gandhi Jayanthi and death anniversary events to impress on the people that they are following Mahatma's preachings despite their parties'  divergent ideologies. Following  Gandhi Jayanthi day, in particular, with some exceptions most of  his statues across  India will lose their shine and become dusty as months go by and will remain so till the next event mentioned above.
As for our nethas, they have  neither time  nor clear mind to look upon Gandhiji as a source of inspiration because most of them have problems up to their neck, the serious ones being political scams and corruption charges. To cap it all, they have obsession with their political revelry within the party ranks who are ready to knock them down like nine pins in the Bowling Alley and replace them. In a stressful, tight  political scenario  they would rather focus their energy  on to save their face, safe and stature than  follow Gandhiji's teachings. The day to day problem of survival within the party and of proving their innocence in corruption charges levelled against them by the opponents will get priority over other things.  In the midst of all, they have to do some social service for name sake in their constituencies to keep their image in good shape. Regardless of their political functioning, one factor emerges out: Most of them  have scant respect for Gandhiji's  simplicity and political morality for which he stood as an example and sacrificed his life.  

''There will have to be rigid and iron discipline before we achieve anything great and enduring, and that discipline will not come by mere academic argument and appeal to reason and logic. Discipline is learnt in the school of adversity''................ Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhiji by cartoonist R.K.Laxman.
If Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,  an Apostle of Non-Violence were alive  to day, he would have been in rage for the following reasons ...............................................
01. Clashes among caste Hindus and dalits: 
Nauseating clashes  and enmity among caste Hindus and Dalits across India often initiated by certain politicians to have an edge over the other are too serious a matter. The aspirations of every caste must be addressed to maintain political amity.  

02. Coalition  Government and horse trading: Irregularities in elections and horse trading in the name of alliance among parties  to form a coalition government need to be taken care of. This problem crops up when the political party or parties do not get majority to form a government. Though the parties'  ideologies are poles apart, the nethas come together on a single platform for a common cause other than taking care of people's welfare. The target here is pelf and political power within their reach. Social welfare, agriculture, etc are relegated to the background.

03. Caste and Election: 
The role of caste comes to the fore during election time and it has become vital to win a contest. Using caste as vote banks and money power to get votes reamin unsolved and, at present, no end is in sight. Contestants are chosen for certain  constituencies on the basis of a dominating caste living there. 

04. Corruption in Govt. departments: 
Rampant corruption in every thing  within the corridors of govt. offices - PDS, hospitals, etc. Nepotism  among the some higher-ups is a fact.

05. Licence Raj and Govt. contract work: 
Politics has become a money-spinning business right from construction of roads, bridges, leasing out lands for mining purposes, industrial licence, etc. Only members of party in power will grab the contract compromising on quality of work, etc. 

06. Scams galore: 
Central and state ministries  get involved in  many scams in the last one decade or so. The amazing thing is, if politicians are caught red handed, they know the legal holes through which they can come out unscathed. 

07. Abusing and misusing political power. 
Grabbing of government lands (in particulat Hindu temple lands) for personal gains with the help of goondas – local rowdies or thugs goes unchecked in many cases. In states like Tamil Nadu,  the theft of hundreds of historical Hindu temple idols, grabbing of temple lands, etc  are going on in collusion with some unjust employees and the politicians with no 100% proof solution in sight. 

08. Scant respect for the Supreme Court:          
In the recent past, irresponsible politicians had least  respect for the Supreme Court rulings with respect to release of the Cauvery  River water to Tamil Nadu state (a riparian state). The Congress ministry of Karnataka state did not obey the Supreme Court orders. Tamil Nadu government wanted the Cauvery water for their starving crops in the Delta region through which the river Cauvery travels and joins the Bay of Bengal

09. Prevalence of linguistic chauvinism:
In a few states the linguistic chauvinism is taking roots often fuelled by selfish  nethas. India does not have a common language for communication across the country. The central Govt,'s three language formula is opposed by non-Hindi speaking states. 

10. Frequent breakdowns of  business hours  during parliament sessions.
Opposition parties take every chance to make a mountain out of a mole hill, if they find some  trivial mistakes committed by the ruling party. Several days will be wasted because of  pandemonium and the end result is zilch. Relegated to the background are the issues related to gripping social problems, agriculture, industrial growth, rising prices, etc. 

11. Mixing religion and politics: 

In the last election certain parties in Tamil Nadu made blasphemous remarks about the Hindu Gods and Hindu rituals.
As for Non-Hindu religious priests,  they without any hesitation  used their places of worship  to canvas votes for certain parties. Even, they unashamedly conducted prayer, thus converting the sanctified places into political platforms. By stooping to such a low level, they strangled the democratic practises.

positively he (Gandhi) would  have reprimanded the self-centered nethas  for instigating  and using religion as a tool to get the votes.  
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