Saturday, 8 June 2019

Funny quotes, humor, etc.- 60


Anastasia - Typepad

''Laughter is the only trait that separates the humans from the animals. Nothing is so irresistibly contagious  as  laughter is. Blessed is a man who is endowed with a good laugh and  long good night sleep. When feigned, laughter exposes man's dark and ugly mind".

'A day without laughter means, it is drab and dry and it is not well-spent''.

- Randy Glasbergen - Glasbergen Cartoon Service

Savage Chickens

Empty words:
"Bare words are hollow, coming out of a man of poor disposition and character. They come handy for the power-hungry politicians  when they go on a campaign trail and  are being carefully used by them to make a sucker out of the gullible electorate".

Ever-changing Indian political scenarios: 

In a country like India, 1.3 billion people are controlled by a few thousand politicians who, according to their whims,  can change the Political scenarios as fast as  they  can just like strange patterns emerging in a kaleidoscope given a good shake. Their ideology, if they stick to one, will spin faster than  a weather cock.

''Politics is the only field in which the more experience you have the worse you get''..........  Krinky Friedman American. Singer 1944.
Above image:  Soon after freedom, Indian nethas followed Gandhiji' principles to the book. After 1990 and especially in the 2000s, to many  corrupt politicians, honesty, integrity and clean-selfless  public life became an anathema; for the good leaders, it an awkward situation.  They may be caught in big scams, that caused the loss of  huge money to the  central government, but they  had the uncanny  ability wiggle out Scott free. No sweat and no prison terms for them, because they are quite immune to them.  

Politicians' broken promises:

''Giving the same, old  promises to the innocent people before the elections  for decades is a bad thing for the politicians. But, it is a great art to explain to the public  why they could not keep up their promises.  Leaders  need to: ''Speak with honesty, act with integrity, think with sincerity and serve the people (electorate) with dedication''.
For 60 long years same bluff: bread, butter and  clothing

*****Aged-people and dignity:

''When men and women grow old and are wilting under age, their focus should be more on the realization of God and spiritual happiness. If not,  at least they can carry on  their normal activities without any fuss. When growing old,  do not act as if you were in your 40s. 

As a senile old man, your daily activities  should be in tune with your capability and health conditions. You can not afford to be a rodeo, riding a wild bull and roping the calf or aspire to scale Mt. Everest or Annapurna. 

Being an old woman with, heavy wrinkles, weak hip and shaky legs,  you should not think that you are a ballerina  from the Baltic country, doing pirouette on the floor or a circus artist walking on the tight rope with no support. You are not a Bollywood or Hollywood retired star. When you are at the ripe age looking like an aged mahogany furniture, do not be a foolish lady as your beauty is already sunk deep inside the rough  skin''.
Above images: The pretty, skinny old broad, who is no better than sea-hag is asking for too much for her age.

Choosing the right epithet for the tombstone:

''When wisps of grey hair appear on your head, it heralds that you have begun your upward journey to the world above. It is nice to pick up the right epithet for you relevant to your personality  and mental make-up and also  a pleasant and quiet place  for an eternal and  blissful sleep under God's shadow''.