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Pierce and Leslie Bungalow, a colonial structure with old charm, Kochi

Pierce Leslie Bungalow
Pierce Leslie Bungalow Kerala Tourism
Unlike, the palaces and big mansions of the northern states that are highly decorative and luxurious, the ones in Kerala have more or less have similar architectural design and style native to this region, but their elegance and beauty is just overwhelming.  Here, the building design is in unison with the prevailing environments here, besides climatic conditions. Heavy SW Monsoon  beginning in June is a major factor in the design of the dwellings, bungalows of Kerala. This state, a main Western Ghat region, has lofty mountains, backwaters and rivers. Since, there are plenty of wooded areas, quality wood is widely used in the building construction work.Among the old colonial bungalows, Pierce and Leslie Bungalow is worth mentioning.

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Pierce Leslie Bungalow
Pierce Leslie  Bungalow in Fort Kochi is a colonial building  built in 1862 by the Coffee merchants Pierce Leslie & Co., and it functioned as its office for business dealings. Kerala is known to have countless
Pierce Leslie Bungalow TripAdvisor 
tea and coffee estates as the climate and the geomorphological factors are conducive to their growth. This beautiful bungalow that is made mostly of quality wood available here shows local Indian, Dutch and Portuguese influence in the designs as revealed by  features  like peculiar wood panels, tiled  roofing,  flooring, arched doorways, carved doors and sprawling rooms, expensive chambers, etc. The addition of  Waterfront verandahs adds extra charm to this nice bungalow. 

This building is no way different from other Kerala Bungalows, except its design. Its elegance is in full flow as the local design is blended with European designs. It shows the the easy availability of local talents whose workmanship and ingenuity is  quite inspiring. No doubt, it is a good example of  grand epitome of cultural amalgamation of local and foreign influence. Particularly  this historical and heritage structure stands in the middle of lines of coconut groves and pristine back waters in the backdrop, and  consequently, the old charm of this colonial bungalow is increased manifold. When you visit this place, it is said, the settings will take you right back to the colonial days.

In Kochi and around its place, there are countless monuments - both Indian and colonial and this place is a haven for tourists who look for new adventure, something, they've  not tried before. The experience one will get is rich and colorful.

Pierce Leslie Bungalow.
Above image: A heritage bungalow (home stay) near St. Theresa's Chapel , Vypeen, Kochi, Kerala.

Pierce Leslie Bungalow.
Old harbor hotel.

Above image: Old harbor bungalow is an old heritage structure built in the 18th century in Dutch colonial style. It has turned into a luxury boutique hotel. Located in the heart of Ft. Kochi, you can access many attractions nearby.

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