Sunday, 22 April 2018

Patna Medical College (1874), Patna - started by the British Raj
The  Patna Medical College, earlier known as the Patna School of Medicine  was opened on 23 June 1874. Billed as the one of the oldest training centers of surgeons and physicians, it catered to the medical needs of people including the British living in Bihar and Eastern UP.  In August 1874  the Medical College was named after Sir Richard temple L.L. Gov. of Bengal. Though a government institution, it ran smoothly owing to public subscription by social workers  and philanthropists. The college specifically  offered L.M.P level courses. The M.B.B.S. degree courses were introduced subsequently in the early part of 20th century. 

At a time when the incidence of Malaria, Plague, Typhoid, etc is on the increase coupled  with maternal  high mortality rate and stomach ailments, decision was made by the medical Board to upgrade the standard of teaching at Temple School of Medicine. Over a period of time, the Medical College got a name  and on  25 July 1925 the medical College with advanced facilities was opened by Gov. of Bihar  Sir Henry Wheeler with just 30  students and H.R. Dutton IMS became the first Principal.

It is one of the  very few  medical colleges in India where the Radio Therapy unit was established way back in the past. Departments like plastic surgery, pediatrics, gen surgery, etc., got a good name in our country. Now it has 500 undergraduate students and the same number  of PG students and a staff of 200 well-trained  teachers.

It is one of the busiest hospitals in the country with 1700 beds,  serving the poor and indigent population. A postal commemorative stamp was issued in February, 2000 (75th anniversary) in recognition of its excellent  service toward the cause of medical services and general health.,patna-medical-college/