Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Funny quotes and humor, etc - 46

Jealousy, ego and arrogance:
"A man, who has all these disgusting traits, wears a Crown made of thorns. its impact is like a thundering snow-avalanche hurtling down on the mountain slope. They diminish man's wisdom and skill".
Pride and Presumption:

Kevin Spear

"When they  surge fast  with all their glamour, they never sustain long enough and fall midway. Whereas, humility that follows them  steadily and surely, will go past them and keeps going as long as it can. Both pride and presumption set a man alight with shame".

Diane Owens
"One has to toil day and night to earn it and can not be gained it over night. Nor can it be had through force or coercion. So, do not sacrifice your self-respect just for the sake of others".

"Blowing one's own trumpet is quite irritating and only mentally deranged people  will engage their tongue to praise them.It causes more harm to them than anything-else".


It is a roadblock on the road to success. Being retrograde, wallowing in self-pity  will hamper one's progress in life. It should be avoided at any cost because it is something like you yourself sending you to the gallows.

 Being a positive factor, it is the first step towards your goal. It provides room for discretion to see the discernible difference between action and  consequence. 

People with over-bearing personality lacks inspiration as their stature is quite intimidating. Working with such people is like a man getting a bear-hug. A good leader leads the team, while an over-bearing boss acts like a slave master in the galley of the slave-ship.  
Too much indulgence in anything will push a man to the ledge of insanity. Highly imaginative people carry the tag of being insane in this sane world.

It is more often tagged as the forte of women folks. Saints say it is not visible in places where there are no women. Commonly, it is carried  by lousy people, spread by fools and keenly heard and accepted with glee  by filthy people. It is a dangerous inferno, never failing to leave a trail of severe damage all along the way.