Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Funny quotes and humor, etc - 45

Love and care:
"A blossoming garden and quite inspiring. It is dependent on mutual respect, compromise and trust. it does not grow overnight".  
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"It leads to happiness; you can not buy it with money.  It is like a placid lagoon with no ripples. No body can get you peace, but yourself. Mind you, if the world peace is at stake because of egotistical world leaders,  there will  never be peace at home".


Panhandlers' worries. TeluguOne.com
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"It neither  solves the problems nor improves your confidence. Rather it robs of today's peace of mind and tomorrow's happiness.The funny thing is there is no body on earth who is not prone to worrying".

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"Artificiality galore. Purposeful pretencion  negates whatever good qualities a man has  and borders  on stupidity. It is a form of falsehood that causes revulsion to the victims".
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 "It binds the living beings across the globe and countries. Despite differences, it binds the families and relatives. Insanity prevails where there is not even a trace of affection".

"It is just like a passing cloud and goes away faster than it comes. Real love that grows slowly will endure and stay longer than expected. The aftermath of infatuation is frustration embedded with depression".

It has  no eyes Nor does it have discretion. Fathomless, it is like a man getting caught in the quicksand. Uncontrolled urge may lead to self- destruction, loss of self-respect and name. Unlike true love, it does not last long and is devoid of binding factor. It's other name is poison.
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Greedy bank robber. CartoonStock
Corporate greed. The Cartoonist Group
  It grows along with uncontrollable desire and the limit is sky-high. It pushes a man faster to the grave than other unacceptable qualities. Needless to say, it is the root cause of violence, double crossing, whistle-blowing  and crime. It will force a man to lay his hands on everything beyond his reach and ultimately end up losing everything, including his loving family.