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Amazing Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala

The Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala. Famous Places In India

The Ujjayanta Palace, constructed between 1899 and 1901 by the Tripura king, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, (Ujjoyonto Prashad),  was once the royal palace of Tripura (princely state).  Situated in Agartala, the capital of the Indian state of Tripura on the banks of a small lake surrounded by Mughal gardens,  it served as a residence of  the ruling Manikya dynasty until  Tripura`became part of the Indian Union  in October 1949. The state government paid the royal family  Rs. 2.5 million in early 1970s with  view  to converting  the palace into the state legislative assembly.  The Ujjayanta Palace compound  extends over an  area of approximately 1 km2 (250 acres) and includes public rooms such as the throne room, durbar hall, library and reception hall. The buildings and grounds cover a vast land 
of 800 acres (3.2 km2) in the prime area  of Agartala.  
A special feature about this unique palace is the Chinese Room whose  ceiling was crafted by artisans specially brought from China. The two-storied structure has three large domes, the largest of which is 86 ft (26 m) high, and which rests atop a four-storied central tower. The architecture is a  blend of  Mughal, Roman and British design elements. The name 'Ujjayanta Palace' was given by Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore.

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The Ujjayanta Palace houses the largest museum in this region,  containing  22 galleries and showcasing  NE India’s art, sculptures, paintings, textiles, Bronze images, culture, history, tradition and ethnic diversity.

Tripura is credited with one of the oldest princely states of ancient India and the history goes back to . the reign of Maharaja Maha Manikya, who was crowned in 1400 AD, and was the first ruler under the royal title of Manikya. The old palace built in 1862  by 
King Ishan Chandra Manikya (1849-1862)  was damaged in the June 1867 earthquake.  Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1899–1901 rebuilt it  at a cost of 10 lakh (1 million) rupees. Its contractor was  Martin Burn Company.

A unilateral move to change the name of the palace name by the local government was thwarted by the local community as the history and heritage of the region had to be safeguarded. Finally, the government gave up the proposal and retained the name  of Ujjayanta Palace.

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The surrounding grounds are laid out like Mogul  gardens adorned with fountains. The  two large artificial ponds on either side of the garden which is decorated with pools and fountains make this place enchanting.

The near-by attractions, adjacent to the palace  are many Hindu temples , dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan, Uma-Maheshwari, Kali and Jagannath.