Monday, 7 August 2017

Funny quotes & humor- 44


Missy Ward
"Watch out! walls have eyes to watch your movements,
Doors have ears to find out what you are 
Women have big, flapping mouth to spread rumours and surmises and
Politicians  have electronic bugging devices to take away our privacy and check on us".

Adam Zyglis
 Legal heir battle:


"Lighting is followed by thunder when a thunder-storm is brewing. So is a series of litigation and court cases when a storm over legal heir  brews in the household of the rich and the famous after somebody croaks with pocket full of dough."
Blabbering people:
Jantoo Cartoons
"To make marathon talking barbers, politicians and ever yapping women shut their over-working mouth, remove their dentures and keep their mouth hollow. You may feel like being free from blaring loudspeakers."

Getting mixed with fighting women:
"When two nasty Indian women are trading accusations and counter accusation against each other, using abusive language, do not ever poke your nose and get snubbed in the barrage of obscenity. It is much worse than facing a double barrel gun at a close range."

ending arguments:


"Woman proposes, Man disposes, but God imposes them to be ever disagreeable throughout their lives till they settle down as dust in the grave."