Friday, 11 August 2017

Fascinating Edward VII Memorial Arch - Calcutta - 1921


Edward VII Memorial Arch,Calcutta Cultural India
Edward VII Memorial Arch,Calcutta - 1921
Since Calcutta happened to be the capital of British India in the earlier period, it has countless British monuments of beauty and grandeur and their real artistic work and unique design, be they buildings or memorials, linger still in our heart for a long time after our visit. In this modern world, these monuments have real old- world charm and aesthetics.
Edward VII Memorial Arch,Calcutta

 The archway, in white Rajashtan marble leads us into the great monument -  the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. A visitor to this can not miss the  bronze statue of the King mounted on his steed. It was by well-known Australian sculptor Sir Betram Mackennal;  it commemorates both the King Emperor (Rex Imperator) Edward who predeceased the unveiling of the monument and his redoubtable mother Queen Empress Victoria. it was originally exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1916 and is a variation of Mackennal's similar one in Queen Victoria's Gardens in Melbourne. The allegorical figures made of marbles, represent the British Empire's  sea power (on right) and British land forces (on the left). The arch is on the lower circular road, Kolkata. It was built between 1906 and 1921.