Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Quotes for life, etc - 12

Easy money:


"When people are under the delirium of easy money, in their anxiety to  get it as fast as they can, either they will trip  midway or go to any length to get it".


"When guests or friends drop in on you surprisingly, do not ever invite them to your house with a languid or unenergetic yawn and a look of disguised boredom".

 Errant wife:


"When a man is unlucky to have an errant wife, she will give 
him a lot of problems from the lump on the head to the callus  underneath his feet. Prospective grooms should be ready to 
face any situation".

 Making remarks:


"When making remarks, one has to be extra careful. Sometimes silly remarks show  more idiocy than infamy".