Saturday, 18 March 2017

Funny quotes & humor 34

Scalper's delight:

What is scalper's delight?
 Men with long, free flowing hair - hippies and Indian ssaints who grow long hair and beard.

What is scalpers' envy?
Close-cropped shaven heads. Most importantly baldies

Indian Polity:
2ndlook -
What is politician's delight?
The gullible audience that is taken for a ride  by his cock and bull stories and his promises of plenty.

What is politician's regret?
The inquisitive media and intelligent people who question his loose talk, gaffes and wrong statistics. Yet another worry is where to park his ill-gotten money.

The Candid Eye

What a gaffe!? Does  Garry mean the Alamo?
British Society:

What is British royalty's delight?
Britishness and subordination of other classes of people..
What is British royalty's regret?
Loss of glory, fat dole from the British government and loss of British colonies like India.
British imperialism. Quick Take 
American Politics:

What is American Politician's (Republicans') delight?

Hanging too many daggers over the head of innocent immigrants.
Sword of Damocles,/
Crossing the Great Wall. CartoonStock

What is Republicans' regret?
There is no way to raise a strong tall boundary wall  overnight,
The Great Wall of America. Bakken Law
covering the entire stretch of California through Texas.Tolling the death knell  for bordercrossing by Chicanos and others from Mexico.