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Amazing colonial GPO building Lucknow city

Front part, GPO, Lucknow city. www.panoramio.com

Lucknow General Post Office, Lucknow city is a historical building that once served as the place of entertainment for the local British community during the colonial days. The building was  then known as Ring Theater, a hang out for the British to spend the holidays and week ends in fun and frolics. Right in this building, English dramas and movies were shown to keep the British cheerful. The discriminatory attitude of the then British rulers towards the Indian natives was a fact of life and the entrance door  to the building had a  sign " Dogs and Indians are not allowed". It was a tense period at that time when Kakori trial (famous train robbery was carried out by the  Indian nationalists in August 1925 between Kakori and Lucknow stations) was going on.

Lucknow, the largest and capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, was once the seat of power of Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries. Historically, it was the capital of Awadh was under the control of the  Delhi Sultanate  and later under the Mughal rule. Subsequently the Nawabs of Awadh ruled this region for sometime. The East India company seized Awadh from the nawabs and in 1857, soon after the rebellion, the British Raj took complete control over Lucknow and the surrounding regions.

The GPO came into being in the place of an entertainment Theater between 1929 and 1932 and the beautiful structure built in Gothic style has a big hall and a clock tower in the middle. Standing opposite to Christ Church on the Hazratganj Crossing on the Vidhan Sabah Road, the building and the triangular shaped garden with blossoming flowers in the front attract the attention of the passers-by.
Clock Tower, GPO, Lucknow, UP.fiftyplustravels.com

GPO, Lucknow city. /www.oneindia.com
The amazing aspect of this colonial structure is, unlike many buildings constructed in that period, this one does not contain any cast iron railings, girders, or pillars, etc. It is  entirely made of red bricks and limestone and is designed in such a way, the load-bearing of the overlying structure is well taken care of. The building has a beautiful 30 meter tall tower with clocks on all four sides, giving a majestic look to the building.
GPO Lucknow city. www.lucknowonline.in
The Lucknow GPO is one of the oldest postal buildings in India and has been giving a diverse range of postal services of value  to the people here without any break since the British time.

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