Sunday, 9 October 2016

Funny quotes, humor, etc - 32

Colorful world;
arrival of pioneers.

colorful logos.

"The whites are  proud of  their Camellia white  skin,
Native American Indians are proud of their copper skin,
The blacks are proud of their ebony coffee-colored skin,
Indians (from the Indian subcontinent) are proud of their brown skin,
The Chinese are proud of their yellow skin".

At last, when these people  hit the  grave and get buried  there, they  neither retain the color of the skin nor the skin itself. Over a period of time, their mortal remains become a mound of dust out of  whatever is left. Then, why this fuss about color and racial superiority? Hatred begets hatred. As for God (any God) in the Hindu mythology, He has no Aathi (beginning) and no Antham (no end). And the almighty is color-blinded!!

Strange Beggars:

pink-slipped  begger?
Beggers can be choosers!!
 A  man from the sociology department of a local college was  gathering  survey on the  fast disappearing  old menace - Begging.

He asked a  beggar,  "Jobs are available in India even for the blind people. Don't you feel bad to stand here and beg?",  Came the reply, "None of the jobs gives me freedom,  peace of mind and fresh air. Begging  is an art, no wheeling dealing,  no commission and corrupt practices are involved. Most importantly, we make good bucks and do not pay taxes. By the bye, I'm a graduate and I know how to read Braille. The people in  the government houses are doing the same thing daily in the comforts of A/C as we do the same thing under the tree in the fresh air. Why this  hue and cry?"

Begging in style., India.
 The sociology researcher moved over to another beggar who happened to be  blind, sitting right before a Women's College. The researcher asked him, "You seem to be young. Do you know the braille language and, if so, why do you beg and choose this location? " The beggar replied, " You have asked too  many questions. My answer is simple. I like freedom, no peer pressure, hence begging is my calling, heck with my diploma. As for other questions, right before the women's college, no body can get a better location. I like the ambiance very much!! This place is heaven for young  college boys and coots. For me too, it is colorful and my  pan is coinful, frequently up to the brim". No hassle from the taxmen".