Sunday, 9 October 2016

Advantages of morning walks
Getting up in the morning is a tough one, and if the morning is cold, it is still tougher.  Morning walk needs motivation and commitment. No matter,  morning walks are  difficult when your are a worker and have no  extra time  for such out-door activities.  But, it will certainly be useful health wise over a period of time and you  will  gain a hale, hearty and robust life. As the adage goes ''health is wealth'',  with good health  you can achieve any thing. Morning walks are unquestionably and perfectly safe and harmless for everyone, irrespective of his / her age.

The following are the gains:

Reduce the  risk of heart diseases:  Morning walk  reduces the risk of heart diseases manifold and improves heart muscles.  It  burns  extra and undesirable fats  in the  body,  which in turns,  maintain the cholesterol level in the  blood.  Regular morning walk improves  your stamina and intake of oxygen and endurance power.

Hypertension:  Hypertension, one of the leading causes of heart diseases,  can be controlled  to some extent by regular morning walks that improve blood  circulation  and maintain the blood pressure of your body, Brisk walking is  very useful. Arteries and veins become strong enough to resist the flow of blood.

Proper sleep: Thousands of people have  sleep problems for various  reasons. Morning walk promotes better sleep as it improves your overall health.
Control of sugar: In SE Asian countries, the incidence of diabetes is on the increase because of sedentary nature of work and intake of carbohydrate rich food like rice. A good morning walk reduces the risk of increasing your body’s sugar level to a great extent. Morning walk is a must for sugar patients. Positively it  controls  the blood sugar level.
Promote energy level: Because of improvement of overall blood circulation in the body, efficient oxygen intake in the brain and better endurance, consequently a person can feel energetic and be active whole day.

Immunity booster: Your resistance to other ailments is on the increase. Walking purges your body and boosts  your energy level, improves the function of heart  palpitation and your inhaling capacity. Walking strengthens  your  leg muscles and other body functions.

So, this simple exercise has multiple advantages. so make it a habit and lead a healthy life.