Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Quotes for life 06


"Too much anger is akin to madness,
Too much arrogance is akin to rudeness
Too much servile is akin to slavery,
Too much patience is akin to meekness
Too much desire is akin to greediness,
Too much ignorance is akin to foolishness,
too much snoozing is akin to laziness,
Too much knowledge is akin to peevishness".


Incompatible, immature couple

"Governance without honesty and integrity,
Experience without perfection and maturity,
Education without perception,
Prayer without devotion,
Duty without dedication,
Learning without desire and purpose,
Marriage without trust and compatibility,
Friendship without understanding,
Relationship without reciprocity and trust
None will prosper without the other".

Incompatible couple
No commitment, no dedication,