Friday, 22 April 2016

Quotes for life 04.

High and low:

Going down hill.
"When our uncontrollable desires and greed go  sky 

high, correspondingly  our miseries will push us 

way  down to the abyss".

Come together:
"Like lightening and thunder, prosperity and 

adversity are inseparable, so are arrogance and 


NRA and death
"In the course of your  long  life journey  you can  

hardly ever come across: 

A business house  without  jealousy, greed  and 


A home with out  loan, death and  quarrel,

Close relatives without  an  obnoxious, vile tongue,  

Politicians  without greed and boodle, 

And, of course, mad Indian mother-in-law with 

out a big  mouth".
Taking easy refuge:

"Next to the domain of politics, terrorism has 

become a comfortable  refuge  of  the  

scoundrels, tramps, hobos and caste-offs".
hobos and panhandlers. .
hobos, beggers.