Thursday, 14 April 2016

Quotes for life 03

Tricky tongue and Hell::

heaven and hell  road sign
"Human tongue is an important, but tricky  God's creation without which we 

can't communicate  and eat well to our heart's content. Our success in life, to 

some extend, depends on the way we handle it carefully. But if people have 

a  wild and  vile tongue  it  is some thing  like a door flung open on the road 

to  hell".

 Quiet mind:

Entering Quiet and Cool Spirit Zone -
"A  man's most competent companions are  his dexterous hands and fingers 

armed with a placid mind and common sense".
... image of a cartoon face that is telling people to quite and give up
 Man with attractive wife:
Handsome man and beautiful brunette laughing, happy and sad blonde ...

"A man, boasting of having a beautiful, buxom  wife  can not be content 

with two  watchful eyes to take care of 1000 pairs of eyes."
... Man With Big Eyes & Binoculars

 Lonely people:

                 Lonely Cartoon Shipwrecked Man Sitting on a Tiny Tropical .                                      

"The unfortunate people are the ones who are  lonely and  recluse; to them 

life  is miserable and  is like being very next to the road to  graveyard."