Monday, 11 April 2016

Quotes for life 02

Myth and superstition:

"Myth and superstition  overshadow humanity and 

Joy of laughter:

"In this  mundane, stressful and  cunning world, laughter 
always glows and dispels evil mind."
Dishonest world of politics:

"In the area of  dishonest politics, good people's  
participation in public life,  political morality, credibility  
and  trust  are the first casualties."
Biased mind:

" When  the  mind is biased  and in prejudice,  will  never see  perception in others."
NY Times racist cartoon regarding India's foray in the space--Mars Mission. NYT latet apologized.
Impact of written word:

"The power of written word is greater than seduction of 
science and pull of politics."
power bill better
 God's edit:
"That, the destiny of man is written only once  and shall be never be rewritten, is God's edit."