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Interesting Gwalior Monument, Kolkata

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Gwalior Monument, erected in 1847 by Lord Ellenborough, the Governor-General of India (under East India company),  is a memorial to the English soldiers and officers who lost their lives during the war  against the mighty Marathas in 1843 at Maharajpur, Gwalior. It  is an octagonal cenotaph about 60 feet high, crowned with a bronze dome. The bronze was specially cast from guns captured from the Marathas during the war near Gwalior (now in the state of Uttar Pradesh).

The Gwalior war was  the result of  non-compliance of warning given by  Lord Elleborough (December 13, 1843) with respect dismissal of  the Regent and reduction in size of the army on the part of Maharani of Gwalior. This matter was further complicated by the violation  of the treaty of 1804 by Gen. Hugh Gough, who invaded the town of Gwalior on December 29, 1843. The town  was then known for its palaces and treasures and the British officers had their eyes set on the treasures and the land.

The war at Gwalior was fought on two fronts. At Maharajpur,  Gen. Sir Hugh led the English army made of 14000 soldiers. Whereas   Bhagerat Rao Scindia led an army of 18,000 men backed by 100 guns. In the wake of this fierce battle, though the Marathas were the losers, they inflicted a severe blow on the British army, causing more than 760 casualties. The other front at Punniar, 20 miles from Maharajpur, that was led by Gen. Grey defeated a huge Maratha army, but also suffered  heavy casualties,

In this battle, the English troops captured lots of guns used by the Marathas.  The Gwalior memorial is also known as   Ellenborough’s Folly, or The Pepperpot
The war between the Marathas and the English took place at a time when the English had been  on 'Indian kingdom-grabbing spree', using the Doctrine of Lapse as a ruse,  and in the aftermath many kingdoms ruled by the Maharajahs and Nawobs were trapped by the English company - proxy rulers for the British Crown.


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