Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Funny quotes 15

Depth of woman's mind:

"The depth of great oceans can be fathomed, but 

never ever a woman's heart and mind. It is 

absolutely a riddle surrounded by layers of mystery." 
                             ................     Indian saying.

Destructive anger and twister:
angry men.
Angry  Businessman

"Anger, if controlled, will do wonders, whereas,  if 

unchecked, the resultant pain leaves a trail of 

miseries and broken hearts much worse than 

twisters crisscrossing the tornado valley in the 

 Fake Godman:
"In the modern world where religion has become a 

money spinning  business, the most cunning and 

disgusting   people  are the so-called god-men who 

feign god-fearing and exploit  the gullible and 

immature people who come to them for spiritual 

guidance  and peace of mind. Such fakes are not 

'soul' guides, rather they are 'foul' guides."

Fake swamiji and disciples.
G(uard)od and swamiji

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