Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Funny quotes 06

Scriptwriter and Ballerina:
Flamingo Ballerina .www.picturesof.net
"The reason why the folks world over are glued to 

the various soap operas on TV, be it American or 

European or Indian,  is their plot-ridden scripts and 

cliff-hanging episodes create an anxiety among them.

The  smart script - writers are really a breed apart; 

they spin  nice and diabolic stories and plots faster  
dancing ballerina.www.123rf.com
pirouette muscle groups.balletstrength.com
than the  Baltic  ballerina, doing pirouettes – who 

spin their entire body with ease on  their toe."

Crocodiles and women:

Tear Jerker cartoon .www.cartoonstock.com
"Among the animals, crocodiles' incredible strength 

lies  in water, so is women's in  three 'T's - their  

Tears, Tongue and Tantrums!!"

      ... a young spiritualist message in his office.

a woman in tantrums.www.windowssearch-exp.com

The law and the holes:

a remorse house. www.123rf.com

"The laws - be  they  civil or criminal  are  like a 

remorse house - full of holes, cracks, and crevices - 

it's easier to squeeze out through any hole  and be 

scott - free."

Uncontrolled suspicion:

Terror unleashed: The elephant runs amok in Thrissur. b.www.thehindu.com
"Suspicion is detrimental to your relationship. If 

unchecked and careless, it is like a wild elephant in 

musth, it may run amok and cause a trail of trouble 

in its wake"

elephant running amuck. www.dreamstime.com