Thursday, 10 March 2016

Funny quotes 04

Hangman and the Judge:
Bouquet for the for the man ready to be hanged!! what a fine gesture!!
public hanging cartoon humor: '

funny, Bad Judge picture,

In the Indian sensese 'Sathaymeva bhavate'. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

"Once etched by the power above,  man's destiny or 

"Karma" can not be rewritten or over ridden. It is 

God's edit! He, who is to be a judge (let him be a 

hanging judge or a biased judge) by profession in a 

court of law, can never be an hangman in the 

gallows. By the same token he, who is to be shot 

dead, can never be choked to death on a piece of fish 

fish bone, choke.

Chokin on a piece of fish bone.

 Information out of shape:
too much takin
 "If you ever let a  piece of information pass through 

so many people, at the receiving end it will become 

garbled, twisted, stunted and finally almost out of 

shape. If passed on through  a series yapping   

people, at the end the information will become a 

lump of clay or pulp."
How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst!

human resources job search difficult

Brooding over past horrors:

"Talking about past horrors, atrocities, insults, 

aspersions, failures, etc  is like  stocking the slowly 

dying embers – neither useful nor remedial. It is 

something like  circus buffoons,  thrashing each 

other with slapsticks; soon one will become an 

object of ridicule and criticism, not adoration."