Thursday, 10 March 2016

Funny quotes 03

Zipped-up mouth:
zipped up lips. credit:www.clipartof.com1
"Peace and tranquility will be yours if you master

the art of zipped-up lips." 

Political corruption:
Corrupt Indian politicians.
"An Indian  politician's  promises in his stump 

speeches on the campaign trails: -  a colorful  oral 

exercise written in moving sand and water – neither 

decipherable nor executable; an open ended bluff." 
India Against Corruption.
 Trail blazers:
Evil .
"Evils  -  live in God-deserted  world; Saints - live in 

God-dominated world; Swindlers - live in politician-

dominated world;  Gossipers -  live in woman-

dominated world. Successful people – live in trail-

blazers dominated world."

Investment swindlers.

Burgler and beauty:
Beauty Girl,
"Burglars may strike all of a sudden and take away 

either your money or life, rarely both. But if you are 

unlucky, some fair-skinned bewitching ladies

knowing your weakness, take them both together 

with cool melting eyes when you stand before her 

                     ...  sober voice of a failed finance