Monday, 20 October 2014

Navrang India - An Introduction
Indian leaders led by Mahatma Gandhi -British
Map of India.
A Hindu temple, Tamil Nadu
Hindu Temple of Tamil Nadu,
Since my childhood I have a great fascination for exciting Indian Temples, Indian Monuments scattered across the vast Indian land, British India History and anything connected with India and of Indian origin. Of particular interest, as I mentioned above, are fascinating Indian temples.The tall imposing ancient temple towers made of granite with small incredible statues carved on them, various stone images, tall ornate stone pillars, big water tank and the Karbagraham (Sanctum Sanatorium) - where the presiding deities are being worshiped with reverence are worthy of mention. 

Going around the temples and looking at various sculptures of Gods and Goddesses, big temple tanks - like the ones at Tiruvarur and Mannargudi of Tamil Nadu was a unique and strange experience when I was a kid. Especially huge temples such as the Meenakshi temple of Madurai, Brgadeeshwar temple of Thanjavur, Sri Ranganather temple of Srirangam never failed to tickle any young kid's inquisitive mind Other attractions were the temple elephants with religious mark on them  and the colorful temple festivals of various seasons, often associated with fanfare and display of fireworks. A trip to temple was not only a source of inspiration and mental strength, besides fascination but also a source of curiosity and excitement. When, as one ages, the same trip to temples now becomes a new spiritual as well as religious experience, a change from from mundane life.

I would like to share with you the various fascinating facts about India - a land of great antiquity and civilization covering a vast array of subjects of historical importance,etc many known as well unknown that did not get serious attention.

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